Emporia State student teachers benefit from Lattner Challenge funding



Students in Emporia State University’s nationally recognized teacher education program may soon find it easier to juggle the demands of classes and finances. A scholarship program for student teachers is now in place, thanks to a grant supported by the Lattner Family Foundation and donors who helped match the organization’s $50,000 challenge.

The capstone professional development at Emporia State’s Teachers College is student teaching, a full year’s immersion into the school and classroom environment.

“Candidates’ daily expectations are relentlessly intense as they teach during the day and then work in the evenings to perfect and practice lesson plans that they will deliver to their students during the next day’s classes, as well as grade assignments, tests, and projects,” said Dr. Ken Weaver, Teachers College dean.

That intense preparation leaves student teachers with little time to work. In fact, candidates are advised not to work, which results in added financial concerns for them.

“Now our students will have the Lattner Fund to ease their burden,” said Weaver. Teaching interns who demonstrate a financial need can be given money to help complete their program.

“The Lattner Challenge grant was created during my time as associate dean and when I became dean, I had the goal of seeing the match completed before I retired,” said Dr. Phil Bennett, former Teachers College dean. “The announced completion of the match and upcoming celebration is a very gratifying time for me. I would like to personally thank all those who contributed to the match,” Bennett added.

“Emporia State and The Teachers College are very thankful and appreciative for the leadership and the generosity of the Lattner Foundation and our donors in attaining this milestone of assistance for our student teachers,” said Dr. Michael D. Shonrock, president.

“At a time when local, state, and national economies remain stubbornly sluggish, the successful efforts of the Lattner Foundation and our donors to reach the fundraising goal reflect