Musings while under the hood


Last night, I had a revelation. It wasn’t one of those instances where a bright light shone from above to convey an important message. In fact, it was a lack of light—a burned-out headlamp in my car—that led to this realization:

Sometimes, it’s best to let the experts do the work.

Being moderately mechanically inclined, I assumed changing the halogen bulb would be a simple procedure. But without going into a lot of details (including the possibility of dropping the bumper to get at the headlight assembly), I decided the job was best left to the specialists.

I called my mechanic this morning. He’ll do the job right.

And while my pride was somewhat damaged by the experience, it did give me a hook on which to hang the theme of this edition of Spotlight:

Experts at The Teachers College of Emporia State University are doing teacher preparation right.

Inside, you’ll read the stories of educators who have devoted their lives to improving the process of training new teachers, and learn what’s on the horizon for the classrooms of the future.


Dr. Ed FlentjeI want to take this opportunity to let you know about some developments that have taken place this summer in the life of Emporia State University. Dr. H. Edward Flentje (BSE 1964) is leading the university as interim president, following the departure of Dr. Michael R. Lane at the end of June. Flentje was named a 2010 ESU Distinguished Alumnus. He served as a cabinet officer for two Kansas governors, and has been a professor of public administration at Wichita State University.

“The faculty and staff of Emporia State gave me an extraordinary foundation for my career, and I view this appointment as a special opportunity to be of service to the University that has given me so much," Flentje said in a Kansas Board of Regents news release announcing his appointment.

Deryl Wynn (BSB 1983, BFA 1983), Kansas City, Kan., will chair the screening committee charged with recommending a new ESU president. The 19-member committee represents ESU faculty, students, administration, staff, alumni and Foundation, the Emporia community and the Board of Regents.

The Regents hope to have the next ESU president in office by January, 2012.

Former President Lane and his wife, Dr. Peggy Lane, plan to stay in Emporia. Lane will teach in ESU’s School of Business. Peggy Lane is chair of the business school’s Accounting and Information Systems department.

Tim ClothierThe ESU Foundation is also under interim leadership. Tim Clothier, a Topeka businessman whose association with ESU dates back to his days as a student in the 1970s, is guiding the Foundation following the resignation of Judith Heasley at the end of May. A past president of the Foundation’s board of trustees, Clothier’s service to ESU also includes a term as president of the Alumni Association.

Continuing as ESU’s executive director of University Advancement, Heasley will oversee ESU Alumni Association activities and help direct special ESU outreach activities.

Our work goes on, meanwhile. Take a look under our hood and see for yourself!


Dave Sparks