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Career Services Mission + Vision

Discover our mission + vision statement


The mission of Emporia State University Career Services is to connect students, employers, and stakeholders with opportunities, adding value and purpose to support rewarding career development. 


We envision a world where every student will be:

  • Educated, empowered, and adaptable to a dynamic and diverse workplace
  • Employed in fulfilling careers contributing to the common good, leading meaningful and purposeful lives

Every employer will have equitable access to:

  • Opportunities for recruiting competent and qualified candidates
  • Engage with the campus community

Emporia State University Career Services will be recognized as the premier source for:

  • Lifelong career development
  • Campus outreach and education for professional development
  • On-campus recruiting and employer engagement
  • Administering the online career platform for employers, students, faculty and staff
  • Best practices for internships and employment
  • Institutional employment and continuing education data