We value you as a transfer student, whether you're from a community college or a four-year college or university. We want to walk with you every step of the way as you transfer to Emporia State University!

We offer a transfer course database with up-to-date transfer articulation information. If you have attended a college or university that is not on the Transfer Course Database, or some of your courses are not in the database, it does not necessarily mean the courses won't transfer to Emporia State. It simply means that the college or the college courses have not been through our transfer articulation process. When an official transcript is received with new courses, those courses are reviewed and added to the transfer course database. We also have an articulation agreement with every Community College in Kansas.

If you are just getting started at a Kansas Community College, you may be interested in our Transfer Guides online.

If you have selected a major and would like to look at the courses required for graduation, please see the Student Advising Center Curriculum Guides and General Education Worksheet.

Admissions Requirements

Fill out the application for admission. (You may apply online or print off the application.)

  1. Pay the $30 application fee (and an enrollment fee of $10 for online or distance students. On-campus students also pay this fee during Hornet Connection, our pre-enrollment program).
  2. Have your official college transcripts sent to Emporia State.
  3. If you are transferring 23 or fewer credit hours to Emporia State, you will also need to send your official high school transcript and ACT score. (An ACT score is not required if you are 21 years of age or older).

If you've completed 24 or more transferable credit hours after high school with a 2.0, you're admitted unconditionally. If you have below a 2.0, you will be considered for admission through the 10% window.

If you're under the age of 21 with less than 24 transferable credit hours after high school, you'll need to meet one of the freshman admission requirements, as well as have a 2.0 on your transfer work. You may contact your admissions counselor if you have any questions!

Transferring Credits

Kansas Course Transfer Logo

There is a growing list of courses approved by the Kansas Board of Regents for guaranteed transfer among all Kansas public postsecondary institutions.

Visit Kansas Board of Regents Transfer and Articulation website for more information.

Kansas Reverse Course Transfer Logo

Students who transfer to a Kansas public university from a Kansas public community college or technical college (or vice versa) are eligible for Reverse Transfer, which allows for the attainment of any associate degree for which one is eligible along the way to additional certificates and degrees.

Visit the Kansas Board of Regents Transfer and Articulation website for more information.


If one of the above criteria doesn't apply to you, it’s important to apply early! You can be considered for admission to Emporia State by the 10% Window Committee. Emporia State can admit up to 10% of the incoming class through this process. For more information about the 10% window, contact Admissions at