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Writing Center Sessions

Our writing partners identify and help meet students' writing needs

Writing Center Sessions

What we offer

Visitors to the Writing Center may or may not be able to identify specific areas of struggle in their writing process, and that is ok (and not unusual). Our writing partners can work with visitors to help identify and meet their most pressing writing need. As each session will address only one specific issue, some writing sessions may only take 10 minutes for a brief assignment while others may last 45 minutes for more lengthy papers and projects. We also offer Zoom sessions.

In order to make the most of your writing session, we highly recommend not waiting until the day the project is due (or the day before!) to take advantage of Writing Center services.

When coming to your session, be sure to bring your best draft, assignment guidelines, grading rubric and course syllabus.

Some of the things we often examine include the "larger" issues that include approach to meeting requirements of the assignment, overall organization of the essay (letter, report, etc.), strength of the thesis and topic sentences, development of content (thoroughness, completeness), documentation of source material and clarity and precision of expression.

Some of the "smaller" concerns are grammar and mechanics like punctuation and spelling.

We do not proofread or "correct" papers. We will locate errors and help visitors learn how to eliminate them, but the visitor does the fixing. Our goal is to improve writers. We also don't accept "drop off" papers to review while the visitor goes to lunch or to class. We may ask the visitor questions designed to help her develop ideas to include, but all writing is the sole responsibility of the visitor.