Internationalization Grants for Faculty


Emporia State University, through the Office of the Vice President for Strategic Partnerships and Associate Provost for Enrollment Management, has allocated competitive funds to support Emporia State University internationalization for the period between August 15, 2011 and June 30,2012.

The objective of the Internationalization Grants is to advance the international dimension at Emporia State University, following the guidelines and priorities of the ESU Strategic Plan 2009-2014.

Types of Grants

Faculty may apply for one of the following types of Internationalization Grants:





Expected Outcomes

Type I

Internationalizing the curriculum


To encourage and financially support faculty members who wish to initiate conversation leading toward establishing dual-degree programs with current international partner universities.


- Tangible progress toward establishing a dual-degree program with a foreign partner university

Type II

International partner familiarization

To encourage and financially support faculty members who wish to set up a study abroad in the future with a current partner university or explore joint research opportunities.

Study Abroad:

- Realistic assessment about establishing a study abroad program at a partner university.

- A viable study abroad program at an international partner university.


- Research collaboration with partner universities abroad.

- Creation of research teams between ESU faculty and faculty from partner universities.


Maximum Award Amount

$2,000 per project.


  • Faculty members will be considered for only one grant in any given year. 
  • Faculty members who received travel grants during the FY 2009-2010 and FY 2010-2011 will not be eligible for Internationalization Grants during FY 2011-2012.
  • Faculty members requesting funding must first receive written approval by the corresponding Chair and Dean. In addition, the faculty must work in coordination with the Office of International Education (OIE) to ensure program feasibility and partnership fit.
  • If a selected project is advanced by more than one faculty member, the funds will be split to total the maximum allowance of $2,000.
  • The Grant is designed to cover travel-related expenses exclusively.


Full-time Emporia State University faculty will be considered for Internationalization Grants. Applicants do not have to be tenured. Instructors or visiting faculty members and students are not eligible.

Projects Not Eligible for Funding

  • Requests to support participation in international conferences or exhibits.
  • Applications requesting funding for foreign guests to visit ESU.
  • Requests for activities where student recruitment is the primary goal.
  • Faculty who will teach abroad and will receive remuneration from a host university.
  • The Grant will only fund expenses related to travel. Unrelated expenses such as cost of research materials, honorarium, and supplies will not be funded.
  • Incomplete applications or late applications will not be considered. No exception.

Funding Condition

For all approved projects, faculty members are required to submit within one month of the end of the project, a brief report to the Vice President for Strategic Partnerships and Associate Provost for Enrollment Management with a copy to the AVP for International Education. The report should include a summary of accomplished goals and the use of funds. In addition, the report should include a detailed follow-up plan to secure achieving the project goals.

Upon submitting the report, a follow up meeting may be scheduled with Vice President for Strategic Partnerships and Associate Provost for Enrollment Management and Assistant Vice President for International Education for further discussion.

Funding Priorities

Requests for funding will be considered in light of the following funding priorities:

  1. Special consideration will be given to projects involving Emporia State University current international partner universities.
  2. Projects that will likely have a significant impact on international education at Emporia State University will be favorably evaluated.
  3. Priority will be given to faculty members who are applying for the first time for an Internationalization Grant.

Application Procedures

  1. Application form
  2. Narrative of project summary, including:
    1. Rationale that explains the choice of country and university
    2. Project goals
    3. Expected outcomes
    4. Follow-up plan
    5. Projects dates: beginning and end.
  3. Letter of support from the AVP for International Education
  4. Letter of invitation from an international partner university
  5. Budget Worksheet with breakdown of cost for airfare, ground transportation, accommodation, and other expenses.

Application Deadlines


Execution Period of International Project

April 15

May 15 and August 15.

May 15

August 14 and December 31

December 15

January 1 and May 14


Application Form