Faculty Incentive for Continental U.S. Study Grant Program (FICUSS) 

This grant program is intended to provide financial support for faculty undertaking learning experiences with Emporia State University Students outside of the normal classroom setting.  Grant requests up to a maximum of $500 may be submitted to defray faculty expenses for any credit-bearing project or program that enhances Emporia State University students’ learning experiences, such as educational field trips and site-specific instructional visits.  This funding source does not provide funding to support student travel or expenses.

 FICUSS Grant General Guidelines

  • Requests for funding must be in writing and include both the application form and a brief summary of the project (see below for inclusion specifics).
  • The maximum amount granted will be $500.
  • Applications will be reviewed by the Provost’s Advisory Council, which will rank the proposals and make a recommendation to the Provost for funding.
  • Grant proposals should emphasize activities that encourage student-faculty interaction in ways that do not currently occur.
  • Grants cannot be used to fund ongoing activities; however, faculty may reapply for funding for the same study experience after one year (e.g., a project funded in Spring 2012 cannot receive funding again until Spring 2014).  Faculty may apply in consecutive terms for different projects/courses.
  • Study experiences are limited to the contiguous United States; for international faculty-led study opportunities, please refer to the guidelines established by the Office of International Education.
  • Applicants must indicate whether other potential sources of funding (both internal and external) have been exhausted.  This grant can be used to supplement funding from another source (dean, department, other grant) and can be used for faculty travel costs or for per diem expenses, as well as expenses expressly related to site-specific instruction, such as entrance fees to museums, historical sites, etc.  Grant funds may not be used to support student travel or expenses.
  • Grants will only be awarded for initiatives embedded in credit-bearing courses, and those courses must meet enrollment minima standards as established by FSB 08009 (e.g., 15 students for 000-200 courses, 10 students for 300-600 courses, and 5 for 700-900 courses).
  • Applications are due mid-October (for spring) and mid-March (for summer and fall) and cannot be used for an activity that has already occurred or is in progress.
  • For full consideration, complete proposals (application form, project narrative, draft budget) must be received by the specified due date.  Late and incomplete applications will not be considered.

 Proposals must include the following:

  • Brief description of the proposed study experience (use only the space provided on the form);
  • Description of student learning outcomes/pedagogical benefits;
  • Manner in which learning outcomes and program success will be measured;
  • History of previous funding for an identical or similar initiative;
  • A projected budget for expenses (the grantee must retain original receipts for reimbursement);
  • A summary of funding provided by the department, dean, and/or other sources.

Completed application form should be sent to Barb Kern (bkern@emporia.edu).

Application Form