Academic Enhancement Guidelines

Guidelines for Grants

Consistent with previously funded projects, proposals should focus upon one or more of the following:

1. Campus-wide learning community projects;
2. Out of pocket OOE expenses for undergraduate research, scholarly activity, or creative activity;
3. Speakers on issues for university-wide audience;
4. Out of state travel for students to participate in scholarly activity or presentations;
5. Community service opportunities; or
6. Multi-cultural/diversity projects

Additionally, the Academic Enhancement Review Committee has adopted the following principles regarding use of the Academic Enrichment funding. To be considered in the 2012-2013 call, proposals should observe these principles.

1. Faculty travel when accompanying students will be reviewed on an individual basis.
2. Any proposals for graduate assistants must include tuition waiver as a part of the program costs;
3. No funding to pay undergraduates to conduct research, since multiple examples exist of undergraduates doing research without compensation;
4. No funding for scholarships;
5. No funding of large-scale equipment purchases ;
6. No funding for regular classified/unclassified salaries due to the risk associated with obligating tuition dollars for ongoing salaries; and
7. Additional funding is only upon application and renewed funding cannot be presumed.

Program Proposals

You can download the program proposal for 2012-2013 enhancements by clicking the following link: Promoting Academic Enrichment