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Charles Rhodes Pomeroy

CHARLES RHODES POMEROY  President of Kansas State Normal School from 1873 to 1879.3rd President of Kansas State Normal School, 1873 to 1879


C. R. Pomeroy was the third president of Kansas State Normal School, later Emporia State University. He was an educator and later a minister before accepting the presidency in 1873. During Pomeroy's tenure, KSN experienced extreme difficulty, including a complete loss of funding in 1876. The school was then only funded through tuition and fees. In 1878, a fire damaged the newly acquired administration building and enrollment dropped to 90 students.

Pomeroy went on to teach at Callahan College in Des Moines, Iowa, and later was Dean and Professor of Mental and Moral Philosophy at Puget Sound University in Washington state before his retirement in 1899.