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Lyman Beecher Kellogg

LYMAN BEECHER KELLOGG - President of Kansas State Normal School from 1865 to 1871.1st President of Kansas State Normal School, 1865 to 1871


Lyman Beecher Kellogg became the first president of Kansas State Normal School, now Emporia State University, in 1865. He was born in Lorain County, Ohio, September 28, 1841, but spent most of his youth in Illinois. He graduated from Illinois State Normal University in June 1864. In January 1865, he was selected to head the fledgling Kansas State Normal School. The school opened on February 15, 1865, with 18 students in a stone schoolhouse. Funding, facilities, and even teaching materials were limited in the early years, and Kellogg was the only teacher. Kellogg taught from a classic background, emphasizing Latin and English. In fall of 1865, he added Henry Brace Norton, also an Illinois Normal University graduate, to the faculty.

Kellogg left Kansas State Normal School in 1871 and went on to become a member of the state Legislature, later a probate judge, and eventually attorney general of Kansas.

Kellogg Circle is named in his honor.