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Dr. John E. Jacobs

Dr. John E. JacobsDr. John E. Jacobs served as interim president from January 16, 1953 to June 26, 1953.

John E. Jacobs was appointed interim president of the Kansas State Teachers College on Jan 16, 1953, after president David L. MacFarlane died from heart problems. MacFarlane had been ill and in the hospital for several months. Jacobs served until John King was named the school’s 11th president on June 26, 1953.

Jacobs was a graduate of the teachers college at Pittsburg, had a M.S. in education and also a Ph.D. from the University of Kansas.

He joined the faculty at Kansas State Teachers College at the time as supervisor of secondary education in 1947. He was a visiting professor of education at the University of Kansas, and for a year was principal of the University high school, Mt. Oread. After teaching a rural school in Osage County and elementary schools in Burlingame, Jacobs became principal of the senior high school in Osawatomie, Kan. He was principal of the junior high in Lawrence from 1934 to 1941.

Jacobs was one of several individuals responsible for the development of the Endowment Association in 1953.

After being replaced by King, Jacobs became director of the program for exceptional children under the state Department of Education.


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