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University Diversity and Inclusion Alliance

University Diversity and Inclusion Alliance

Alliance Members

Senior Director of Diversity (Ex Officio)

Nyk Robertson

Associate Provost of Academic Affairs (Ex Officio)

Gary Wyatt

Director of Diversity Student Programming (Ex Officio)

Mike Torres

Chair of ASG Diversity and Inclusion Committee (Ex Officio)

Abe Lemus

Library and Archives

Shari Scribner


Emily Vardell

School of Business

Douglass Smith

Nana Cai

Mary Teal

Unclassified Staff

Ana Vallecillos

Institutional Effectiveness

Irene Han

International Education

Mark Daly


Erin Mykleby

Alumni Foundation

Tiffany Wilson

Student Accessibility and Support Services

Ernetta Fox

General Education

Rachel Spaulding

Enrollment Management + Student Success

MK Hunt

Liberal Arts & Sciences

Andy Houchins

Faculty Senate

Shawn Keough

TRIO Support Services

Eden Tullis

Julie Cayton