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Koch Center for Leadership and Ethics Adam Smith Club

A student organization hosted by the Center

The Adam Smith Club (ASC) is a student organization hosted by the Center. ASC spreads ideas on liberty, mutual sympathy, individuality, and human flourishing to the undergraduate community at Emporia State. ASC generates discussion regarding the complexity of issues with government intervention in the market and creates a forum for discussion of the application of economics, as a social science and philosophy, in our everyday lives. This is a non-political student group open to all students who want to engage in open discussion and debate.

Book Club

The ASC hosts a book club, led by Center faculty, where students and faculty meet throughout the year to discuss readings on a wide range of topics and from a wide range of authors, such as The Rational Optimist by Matt Ridley, Humanomics by Vernon Smith and Bart Wilson, Coordination and Knowledge by Daniel Klein, and The Elusive Quest for Growth by William Easterly.

Movie Night

Furthering the conversations on campus and nurturing students’ thinking about human flourishing and freedom, our monthly movie night brings students together to pick a movie to watch and then discuss the ideas contained in it. You can visit the Center’s Facebook page for the current movie night dates and locations.

Liberty Luncheons

Once a month, the Center offers to take 10 students to lunch to discuss any issue, question, or topic of their choosing. This is an opportunity for students to get to know the faculty and a mentoring opportunity. It will provide an opportunity to better develop some ideas from class and address any issues or thoughts the students have. It allows the faculty to inform the students of internship or summer opportunities that better align with the student’s interests.