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Koch Center for Leadership and Ethics Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Koch Center for Leadership and Ethics humanizes business education by introducing students and the public to principled entrepreneurship and the moral free enterprise system necessary to support it.

The Center educates students and the public about:

  1. The necessary conditions for principled entrepreneurship to function;
  2. The moral and ethical nature of mutually beneficial commerce;
  3. The inherently social nature of business;
  4. The vital relationship between principled entrepreneurship and dignified human flourishing.

The Center promotes the principles of individual liberty and diversity, the rule of law, and economic freedom to the community at Emporia State University and to the public at large.


The Center fulfills its purpose through a three-prong strategy comprised of the following components:

  1. Humanized Business Education and Principled Entrepreneurship Education;
  2. Student Outreach/Engagement;
  3. Public Outreach.