George Durler

Professor of Accounting

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Spring 2016
Dr. Durler's weekly schedule including office hours (tentative)  NOTE that Dr. Durler's office is now 311, Cremer Hall THIRD floor

Auditing - AC 413 A
T R  9:30 pm - 10:50    Cremer Hall 316
Auditing - AC 413 ZA
W 6:00 - 8:50 p.m.
ESU-KC room 101
Auditing & Assurance Services w/ ACL Software CD-ROM, 9th Edition.  William Messier Jr and Steven Glover and Douglas Prawitt, Copyright: 2014  McGraw-Hill ISBN 978-1-259-16234-3
Loose-leaf edition of the same book  is available ISBN 978-125-916231-2 and that is the version I've requested the bookstore carry because it is cheaper for you.  (this is an expensive book but it is one you should be able to use in your professional career)
We will also be using software that comes with the book.  If you do not have a Windows computer you will have to use the software available on ESU's Skylab.

Link to tentative syllabus-AC 413A (note any schedule included with this tentative syllabus is unofficial and should not be relied upon.)
Link to tentative syllabus-AC413ZA (note any schedule included with this tentative syllabus is unofficial and should not be relied upon.)
Advanced Auditing - AC 833 XA
Contemporary Auditing:  Real Issues + Cases.  Michael Knapp 10th Ed. 2015 CENGAGE ISBN: 9781285066608

Integrated Audit Practice Case. David S. Kerr, Randal J. Elder, and Alvin A. Arens 6th Ed., 2015. Armond Dalton Publishers, Inc. ISBN 978-0-912503-56-1 - Most, but not all, students will be required to purchase this material.  Those with some background in auditing will not be required to complete this project.  Note:  This is not yet available at the Union Bookstore Dr. Durler wanted to obtain it in electronic format but the publisher will not make it available that way.  It will be at the bookstore soon and all due dates will be adjusted.

We may also have CPA Exam review software required for the course if Dr. Durler can find one that fits the course's needs.  This will be determined later.

Recommended: you also have capability for webcam sessions and a headset with a microphone.  Dr Durler will be available for  virtual consultations online.  However Dr. Durler does not plan to have sessions where all students are required to be online

Link to tentative Syllabus (note any schedule included with this tentative syllabus is unofficial and should not be relied upon as EVERY time a student adds or withdraws from the course the syllabus and schedule are subject to be changed.  Please do NOT plan to add the course right before or after the semester begins)

Access to all supplemental course materials is through Canvas
Information related to semester courses is provided through a secure server accessible only to students enrolled in my courses.   This server requires each student to have a username and password.  You can also access Canvas through BuzzIn in which case you do not have to separately login to Canvas.  Check with Dr. Durler if you do not know how to access Canvas or BuzzzIn.

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