George Durler

Professor of Accounting

 Current Semester Course Information

Spring 2017

Dr. Durler's weekly tentative schedule including office hours for Spring 2017.   Dr. Durler's office is now 311, Cremer Hall THIRD floor.
AC 353 ZA
Accounting Information Systems
Monday 6:00-- 8:50 p.m
Accounting Information Systems: A Practitioner Approach, 8th edition, by Heagy, Lehmann & Du from Textbook Media Press.  ISBN: 1-930789-82-3 
Also check Textbook Media website for alternatives but it is recommended you purchase through the bookstore.

This book has some shortcomings but it is CONSIDERABLY cheaper than alternatives.  Material will be supplemented with additional items on Canvas
Tentative syllabus for the course
AC 413
CH 316
TR 9:30 - 10:50
Auditing and Assurance Services, 10th Ed. Messier, Glover, and Prawitt. McGraw Hill Loose Leaf  ISBN13: 9781259292071
This book is also available in hardcover -- see the McGraw-Hill website for more information.That ISBN is 9780077732509
Note that this is a  new edition in print but this edition does not include the new PCAOB reorganized standards and is therefore already out of date.  However the bookstore has informed me that the publisher will only supply the 10th.    
Tentative syllabus for the course
AC 833
Advanced Auditing XA online
Auditing Cases:  An Interactive Learning Approach, 6th Ed.  Beasley, Mark S.; Buckless, Frank A.; Glover, Steven M.; and Prawatt, Douglas F. from Peasron ISBN:  9780133852103
Integrated Audit Practice Case, 6th Ed. - Package (only new available).  Kerr from Armond Dalton ISBN:   9780912503561
Students with experience in audit and documentation will not be required to complete the practice case.  Contact Dr. Durler with information about your experience.  The practice case is required for all other students.
Tentative syllabus for the course

Access to all supplemental course materials is through Canvas
Information related to semester courses is provided through a secure server accessible only to students enrolled in my courses.   This server requires each student to have a username and password.  You can also access Canvas through BuzzIn in which case you do not have to separately login to Canvas.  Check with Dr. Durler if you do not know how to access Canvas or BuzzzIn.

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