Jim Bartruff
King 201G


Course outcomes

Trace the development of the musical from The Black Crook through Spiderman.

Recognize major musicals by major composers.

Recognize major musicals by major librettists and lyricists.

Recognize the relationship between book, lyric, song, dance and spectacle in the modern musical.

Distinguish between various forms such as opera, comic opera, operetta, musical comedy, etc.

Express your critical evaluation of productions in performance.


Disability Statement

Emporia State University will make reasonable accommodations for
persons with documented disabilities.  Students need to contact the Director of Disability
Services and the professor as early in the semester as possible to ensure that classroom
and academic accommodations are implemented in a timely fashion.  All communication
between students, the Office of Disability Services, and the professor will be strictly confidential.


This class will follow the ESU Dishonesty Policy. Download it here.



DUE DATES for your research topics.


A History
by John Kenrick
(Continuum, 2008)

BROADWAY: The American Musical
A Michael Kantor film (PBS, 2004)

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Contact Information
Jim Bartruff
King 201G


AMT Reference Library

Blue Gobo

Broadway (PBS)

Guide to Musical Theatre

Musicals 101

Internet Broadway Database


Stephen Sondheim

Really Useful Group

R&H Organization


Course Policies

All assignments are due on the day they are assigned at class time.

Late assignments will not be graded. But you must turn them in to pass.

All written assignments must be typed or electronically transmitted.

If you arrive late to class, you will be considered absent.

Early departure from any class will also count as an absence.

Bring your book, something to write with and note paper to each class.

Participation in school plays and/or activities will not excuse you from class work.


Spring 2013

Poster of the finale of THE BLACK CROOK.

Term assignments

Attendance and quizzes (50 points)
Musical Theatre "field trip" (50 points)
First exam (100 points)
MIDTERM exam (100 points)
Research project (100 points)
FINAL exam (100 points)

Attendance statement. Absences affect your progress through the course. You will begin the semester with 50 attendance points. Each absence or tardy will deduct 5 points.

Grading Scale

A 93-100 465-500   C 73-77 365-389
A- 90-92 450-464   C- 70-72 350-364
B+ 88-89 440-449   D+ 68-69 340-349
B 83-87 415-439   D 63-67 315-339
B- 80-82 400-414   D- 60-62 300-314
C+ 78-79 390-399   F 0-59 001-200

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