The Writing Center at Emporia State University promotes writing as a tool for teaching and learning in every discipline and assists writers in preparing for the practical, real-life applications of writing in the workplace as well as in the academic world.

The Writing Center seeks to develop critical thinking and other writing skills in support of ESU's tradition of excellence in education. We're here for everyone who is interested in becoming a better writer! We believe that:

  • Good writing requires good thinking.
  • Writing is a process.
  • Writing is a collaborative activity.
  • Every writer needs a reader.

The Virtual Writing Center site allows clients to email their documents for review, evaluation, and consultation. At night, clients may still email documents with the understanding that they may have to wait twenty-four hours (or in the case of Fridays and weekends, until Monday or Tuesday) to get a response. The ESU Writing Center is located on the second floor of the William Allen White Library 209C. To check its operating hours, click here or on the Resources link to the left.

The Virtual Writing Center offers the following services:

  • Writing Consultations via email (see our Consultations area for details).
  • Writing Handouts. We offer a number of "handouts" on writing-related topics. Some are quick reviews for punctuation and common grammar errors.
  • Help for ESL students. We offer specific help for ESL students, including links to other ESL sites on the Internet. (Composition).
  • The Grammar Hotline. This service offers quick answers to grammar and documentation questions. (Grammar )
  • Documentation assistance. You can go to this web site (Documentation) to find models for the most common types of sources, or you can link to an online handbook for a more complete set of models.