Welcome to the Writing Center at ESU!

The Writing Center at Emporia State University promotes writing as a tool for teaching and learning in every discipline and assists writers in preparing for the practical, real-life applications of writing in the workplace as well as in the academic world.

Mission Statement

The Emporia State University Writing Center supports undergraduate and graduate students across disciplines to become confident, situationally-equipped writers. We strive to support and strengthen writers, not just writing, and we believe that every writer benefits from a discerning reader.  We believe that writing is a collaborative process of discovery, learning, and communication, and that writing is fluid and contextual. As such, we recognize writing as a social force that can lead to empowerment, growth, and change. Further, we believe that diversity, in all its forms, strengthens our academic community. Understanding and valuing how life experiences and worldviews shape writers and inform their writing processes, our writing partners assist writers to maintain integrity of voice while meeting the demands and constraints of particular writing projects.

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