Undergraduate Research Scholarship and Creative Activities (URSCA)
2013-2014 Commitee Members:

Members Names:


Service Ending

Sheryl Lidzy

Associate Dean, LAS

ex officio

Gary Wyatt

Honor’s Program Director

ex officio

Tim Burnett


May 2015

Marcia Schulmeister LAS-Science

May 2016

Dawn McConkie


May 2016

Brice Obermeyer



Kamal Lamsal


May 2016

Jun Yu Business May 2015

Carol Daniels

TC May 2016

Paul Luebbers

TC May 2015

Elijah Williams

ASG May 2015

Riley Sinon

Student May 2015

MAria Castro

Student May 2015

Amanda Brabec

Student May 2015

Kim Massoth

Executive Secretary -











Membership Composition, Selection and Length of terms:

The Undergraduate Research Committee shall consist of fourteen (14) members.

Two (2) ex officio members: 1) The Dean or Associate Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences who will serve as the administrative liaison and 2) the Director of the University Honors Program. 

Eight (8) faculty who will be appointed by the Provost and serve two year terms: Four (4) representing the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, two (2) the School of Business, and (2) the Teachers College. 

Four (4) undergraduate students:  one (1) appointed by the Associate Student Government and three (3) appointed by the members of the committee. All will serve one-year terms