Bachelor of Arts Theatre major

The degree Bachelor of Arts with a major in Theatre is a broad, general education experience as well as an introduction to major facets of theatre performance, production, design, history and literature. Majors are required to contribute to all productions, either as actors or as members of the crew. Students are enrolled in TH 272 or TH 472 for each production on which they work. To be eligible for production assignments, students must meet academic eligibility standards as established by the department. In addition, the B.A. in theatre is an appropriate degree leading to graduate work in theatre or related fields, such as arts administration, law, public relations, or the ministry.

Required Courses (25 hours)

TH 101

Intro to Theatre

2 hours

TH 121

Acting I

3 hours

TH 131


4 hours

TH 221

Acting II*

3 hours

TH 350

Introduction to Theatrical Design*

3 hours

TH 351

History of Costume and Décor

3 hours

TH 381

Survey of Dramatic Literature

3 hours

TH 426

Play Directing*

3 hours

TH 472

Theatre Production

1 hour

Required Course Options (9 hours)

TH 210

Movement for Actors




3 hours

TH 223

Voice and Diction


TH 457

Scene Design*




3 hours

TH 454

Costume Design*


TH 390

History of the Theatre I




3 hours

TH 391

History of the Theatre II


Required Second Program of Study

Students complete a second program of study from 15 to 30 hours in another discipline of their choice.

*Courses with prerequisites.