Project Estrellas: This Federal NPD Grant has successfully completed its five-year duration and met and exceeded all program goals and objectives as of May 30th, 2013!

Helping teachers with strategies, tools, and resources to enhance English Language Learning

A Professional Development Program brought to teachers by the U.S. Department of Education, and Emporia State University.

Project Estrellas served the following Kansas school districts:

USD 202 Turner; USD 206 Remington-Whitewater; USD 232 DeSoto; USD 259 Wichita; USD 260 Derby; USD 385 Andover; USD 465 Winfield; USD 470 Arkansas City; USD 490 El Dorado.

Project Estrellas participants:

  • Received 15 credits hours of classes from ESU that result in ESL Certification from the State of Kansas upon successful completion of courses and passing State Exam.
  • Obtained a stipend of $500 upon completion of the courses, PRAXIS II, and state ESL endorsement.
  • Gained assistance from Project Resource Specialist for addressing individual student learning needs.
  • Had access to new resources and materials.
  • Developed new competencies to improve English Language Learners proficiencies.
  • Networked with other teachers of students with English Language Learners.
  • Enhanced cross-cultural communication skills that lead to parental involvement focused on increased student learning.
  • Improved technology use for the teaching-learning process.

 Please check back later for future grant opportunities administered by ESU's TESOL program.


Project Estrellas contacts

Project Director

Dr. Abdelilah Salim Sehlaoui
Emporia State University (620) 341-5237

Dr. Nancy Albrecht
Emporia State University (620) 341-5775

Graduate Research Assistant

Hannah Cowell
Emporia State University (620) 341-5857