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Teacher Work Samples

Disclaimer: The use of these Teacher Work Samples is provided to assist candidates in the preparation of their own teacher work sample. Any other use is strictly prohibited. While the samples have been judged to be very good, use of them does not guarantee a passing score on a Teacher Work Sample prepared by a candidate.

Also, there have been changes in the TWS Prompt and Rubric Evaluation, so the following TWS may not exactly match the prompt and rubric currently in use.  Please use the current template provided in the right hand menu, labeled "TWS Template."

Fall 2011 -

9th Grade Spanish

Spring 2010 -

11th Grade English

Spring 2009 -

Grades 9-11 Mathematics

Fall 2006 -

Kindergarten Science

2nd Grade Art

5th Grade Mathematics

5th Grade Social Studies

6th Grade Science

6th Grade Mathematics

8th Grade Science

9th Grade Earth Science

Grades 9-12 Business

Fall 2005 -

3rd Grade Music

4th Grade Science