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School Leadership / Middle and Secondary Teacher Education

Why choose Secondary Education at ESU?


Secondary students... The dedicated faculty…
Can choose from 17 different teaching fields Know every student personally
Work closely with other students Develop excellent teachers
Engage in hands-on, experiential learning on campus and in schools Model excellent teaching
Work closely with top-notched public school teachers High expectations of students
Collaborate with each other and with public school teachers


Secondary Education Program Overview

Secondary education at Emporia State University consists of on-campus courses and two semesters of internship/student teaching.

Secondary education students first select the teaching field(s) in which they would like to teach. They are then advised by a faculty member in that area. When far enough into their curriculum, they also join the Teachers College. They continue to be part of their major department as they complete the professional education. This approach sets ESU apart from many other institutions, where much of the curriculum happens in the college of education. At ESU, it is a joint endeavor.

Secondary education students join the Teachers College when they are admitted into teacher education. Admission into secondary teacher education is also admission into the first professional semester, called Phase I. Phase I consists of a block of education courses and an internship in which candidates from all teaching fields participate. It gives candidates a pre-student teaching, broad experience in teaching and the education profession which allows them to see the big picture of the profession. The extensive internship is designed to have the candidate gain first-hand experience in classroom operations and in working with students in a public school setting. Candidates can expect to do some whole class teaching, small group teaching, working with individual students, and various teaching tasks as assigned by their mentor teacher.

Phase II is the second professional semester and is commonly known as student teaching. Candidates meet a number of requirements to qualify for student teaching.  Student teachers are placed with experienced mentor teachers who have the ability work with the ESU student teachers to assist them with teaching skill development.  Student teachers are with their Phase II mentor teacher full time for sixteen weeks.

Secondary (6-12) certification areas available at ESU




Earth and Space Science






History (government)

Speech / Theater

Middle Level (5-8) certification areas available at ESU


History Comprehensive (Social Studies)*

English Language Arts*


Pre-K-12 certification areas available at ESU


English for Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)*

Modern Language: French / Spanish / German


Music: Instrumental / Vocal

Physical Education


*Not a stand-alone program


For more information about the Traditional Program, contact Dr. Paul Bland, Director of Undergraduate Secondary Education, at 620-341-5078  or