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School Leadership / Middle and Secondary Teacher Education

Driver Education Certification

(Certificate issued by KSDE)

ESU now offers Driver Ed certification classes on-line only.

Enrollment for spring courses will begin in October. You would need to complete either a special registration form and mail or fax in, or call 620-341-5385 or 5081 to enroll. If you have never taken graduate level courses here before, there will be a one-time $40.00 fee for the process.   A minimum of 10 students must be enrolled by January or the class will be cancelled for the calendar year.

Session 1 –Spring Semester Jan. 18th thru Mar. 25th

DE 703 XA General Safety

DE 713 XA Driver Ed 1

Session 2 – Summer Semester - date TBA

DE 723 XA Drive Ed II

Practice teaching unit with approved cooperating school.