Department of
School Leadership / Middle and Secondary Teacher Education

Requirements and Information for Admission to Phase II

Decision Point 2: Candidates are admitted to Phase II (Student Teaching) their senior year when they meet all the criteria listed below:

  1. Successfully complete the requirements for both entering into Phase I and completing the Phase I program.
  2. Complete the following courses before the student teaching semester, earning a grade of at least a “C” in each:
    1. EL416 - Teaching Reading in the Secondary School
    2. SD550 - Survey of Exceptionality
    3. ED333 - Principles of Secondary Education
    4. ED334 - Classroom Management
    5. PY334 - Educational Psychology
  3. Submit completed and signed Disclosure Statement to Office of Field Placement & Licensure (OFPL, VH 208) ASAP.
  4. Complete Disposition Form and submit to OFPL.
  5. Complete and submit to OFPL the Early Termination/Due Process Signature Form.
  6. Complete and submit to Dr. Bland the references selection form.
  7. Complete the student teaching application (due to OFPL by September 10 for Spring; February 10 for Fall)
  8. Obtain 5 recommendations from designated instructors (due to OFPL by Nov. 20 for Spring; April 20 for Fall)
  9. Obtain departmental approval (including, but not limited to, meeting dispositional assessment and GPA requirements) prior to the Admissions Committee meeting (meets at end of each semester).
  10. Complete the technology requirement (IT325 or equivalent)
  11. Maintain an overall GPA of at least 2.50
  12. Be approved by the Admissions Committee. The Admissions Committee consists of the Phase I faculty and representatives from academic departments. The decisions of the Admissions Committee are sent under the auspices of the Dean of the Teachers College to the Office of Field Placement & Licensure (OFPL) for finalization of student teaching arrangements.
  13. Obtain health clearance (You will take a copy to your school when you go to student teach.)
  14. Candidates are also considered for approval according to these criteria:
    a. academic competence
    b. performance during Phase I, including the internship
    c. work in the department
    d. faculty recommendations
    e. oral and written communication skills
    f. dispositions, including emotional stability
  15. The Admissions Committee has the responsibility for recommending one or more of the following categories for each candidate being considered for admission to Phase II:
    a. unconditional approval
    b. conditional approval based on the completion of coursework in progress (to be verified by OFPL) and/or other conditions, such as completion of Phase I appeal requirements, or any other stipulations.
    c. interview with the committee prior to approval
    d. no approval (In this case the committee will recommend specific conditions under which approval could be granted. Candidates who are denied admission will have the right to appeal using specified procedures. Lack of departmental approval is not appeal-able through the Teachers College. Candidates must appeal through their department for this.)
  16. Candidates may appeal for admission to Phase II if they have not met certain requirements.

Candidates will be informed by their advisers of any additional requirements or prerequisites unique to their teaching field(s). Exceptions to any of the requirements and criteria for approval cannot be permitted without written consent of the student’s adviser(s) and the Dean of The Teachers College.