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School Leadership / Middle and Secondary Teacher Education

Secondary Phase I Application Instructions

Follow these directions to complete the Secondary Phase I application.  Deadlines to  complete the

application process are November 15 for a Spring Phase I and April 15 for a Fall Phase I.

 1.  Go to

 2.  Enter your Buzz In Username and Buzz In Password.  Click “ login”.  Contact the Help Desk 

 with any questions or difficulties logging in, at 341-5555 (Toll Free 1-877-341-5555) or email

 3.  Click on "Candidate Applications"

 4.  Click on "Phase I Applications"

 5.  Student Information section.  Click on "Click here to Enter Student Info" and enter the    

 information.  NOTE the following:

     1.  For "Phase I Entry Date" put your Phase I semester, not the semester in which you apply

     2.  Complete the "Teaching Fields" section by selecting your licensure area(s) from the

          "drop-down" boxes

     3.  Once the information is selected, click "Submit Form", then "Return to Application".

 6. Core General Education GPA section.  Click on "Click Here to Enter Core Courses" to start.

     a. The default page is for the new general education requirements.  Click on "Click if

          Requirements Don't Match" to bring up the old general education requirements.

     b.  Choose the course you took from the drop down selection.

     c.  Click on "Look Up Classes" to see your transcript if needed.  Use the numbers below your

          course listings to advance to a different page of your transcript.

     d.  From your transcript, click on "Select" to enter the course.

     e.  Click "Submit Form", then "Return to Application."  Course grades will then appear.

 7.  Non-General Education Required courses section.  Click on "Click Here to Enter Required

 Courses".  Repeat what you did in number 6 for the four courses.

 8.  Review all information so far for accuracy and print what you have.

 9. 100 Hours of Child Advocacy Service.  If you need the 100 Hours of Child Advocacy Service

 forms, get them by clicking on Click Here for the Forms.  Then print them off and complete them

 in writing.  Make sure you have the 100 hours form(s) signed by each supervisor.

10.  Disclosure Statement.  Complete by clicking on Click Here for the Forms, print the pages  

off and complete them in writing. Put your initials in the boxes next to the “Yes” or “No” for each


11.  Print off the "Signature Form", read the statements and put your initials in each box beside

each statement, sign and date it at the bottom, and obtain your advisor signature.

12.  Make a copy of the completed application for your records including the 100 hours and

Disclosure forms.

13.  Staple these pages together:  the application, 100 hours, Disclosure form, and the

Signature page.  Please leave the transcript separate.  Your will turn in the original documents

to Dr. Bland.

14.  Sign up for an admission to Phase I appointment with Dr. Bland on the wall outside his

office, VH203. Bring all the application materials to the appointment.