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School Leadership / Middle and Secondary Teacher Education

What is Secondary Phase I?

Phase I is the first of two professional education-intensive semesters. It is Decision Point 1 for ESU teacher education. Decision Points are points at which a decision about continuance or non-continuance in the Teacher Education Program is made for each candidate.

Phase I courses include the following: ED 332, Educational Psychology; ED 333, Principles of Secondary Education; and ED 334, Classroom Management. The courses provide an integrated and intensive pre-student teaching experience in teacher education, central to which is an extensive field experience. The field experience is a course requirement for ED 333, Principles of Secondary Education.

Phase I Entry Requirements

Candidates are admitted to secondary teacher education and the Phase I courses when the candidate meets all the criteria listed below prior to the start of the Phase I semester and are in their junior or senior year. Application deadlines are April 15 (for Fall) and November 15 (for Spring).

  1. Meet the minimum scores on either the Pre-Professional Skills Tests (PPST): Writing 172, Reading 173, Math 172) or Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency (CAAP): Reading 57; Math 55; Writing, score equivalent to PPST.
  2. Complete 100 hours of supervised child advocacy service
  3. Submit completed Disclosure Statement and health clearance
  4. Earn a grade of at least “C” in the following courses:
    ED/EL 220, Introduction to Teaching
    MA110, College Algebra (or equivalent)
    EG101, English Composition I
    EG102, English Composition II
    SP101, Public Speaking
    MA225, Math as a Decision-making Tool
  5. Earn a GPA of 2.75 in the General Education Core Courses
  6. Maintain an overall GPA of at least 2.50
  7. Have successfully completed 60 hours of college credit
  8. Obtain departmental approval (including, but not limited to, meeting dispositional assessment and GPA requirements)
  9. Complete the application process for Phase I