Department of
School Leadership / Middle and Secondary Teacher Education

Phase I - Application Procedure

Following these steps will speed up the application process:

  1. Application deadlines are November 15 for a Spring Phase I and April 15 for a Fall Phase I. Apply early to ensure you get the section you need or want (when 2 sections are available).
  2. Get an unofficial transcript and highlight your core general education courses.
  3. Complete the application form, including obtaining your adviser’s signature at Use the Instructions for Electronic Applications.
  4. Download and complete the Service Work Documentatin Form to document your 100 hours working with children/youth.  Open this document for examples:  100 hours options
  5. Sign up for an application appointment on the wall outside Dr. Bland’s office (Visser Hall 203).
  6. Bring the completed application, highlighted transcript, and 100 hours service work documentation form to the appointment. Approved applications will be kept on file in The Teachers College.

Phase I Registration

  1. Students applying to Phase I will be enrolled in the three Phase I courses (9 credit hours total) by staff in Secondary Education. Secondary Phase I courses include the following: ED 332, Educational Psychology; ED 333, Principles of Secondary Education; and ED 334, Classroom Management.
  2. Students who have not met all requirements and who have not successfully appealed by the start of the semester must withdraw from the Phase I courses.

Other Information

  1. The Orientation to Secondary Phase I meeting is held the afternoon of the day before classes begin each semester. This orientation is held in Visser Hall 126 at 1:00 pm. All students entering Phase I are required to attend.
  2. To be eligible for Phase I, all requirements must be completed, documented, and submitted to Dr. Bland before the Orientation to Phase I meeting.
  3. Candidates who will not meet certain requirements before the Orientation meeting must complete an appeal to be considered for admission to Phase I. Not all requirements are appeal-able. Appeals are due to Dr. Bland one week before the Orientation meeting. Late appeals will not be considered.