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School Leadership / Middle and Secondary Teacher Education

Educational Administration District Licensure

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Thank you for requesting information concerning ESUs District-Level Certification Program for School Administration. Unless previous graduate credit has been approved and/or specific courses waived, courses required for the District Level Certification program are:

EA 941 Business Administration in School Leadership

3 cr.

EA 942 Leadership & Special Education

3 cr.

EA 984 Educational Buildings and Facilities 3 cr

EA 986 District School Leadership

3 cr.



EA 997 District Practicum 1: Fall Semester

3 cr.

EA 998 District Practicum 2: Spring Semester

3 cr.



Admission Requirements

Admission to the program is initiated through the School of Graduate Studies and Research by completing the application found at Apply Here. In addition to meeting the requirements of the Graduate School, the Department of School Leadership/Middle & Secondary Teacher Education requires the following items be submitted to the Graduate Office at

I. Copy of state issued building level license
II. GPA of 3.25 on the first 30 hours of graduate work
III. Completion of either the MAT or GRE test
IV. Official transcripts of all college work completed
V. Evidence of one year experience in a certified role in the public schools (five years accredited professional experience required for certification) or administrative endorsement on certificate verified by the supervising administrator on the Recommendation Form
VI. Two references from supervisors or individuals who have had responsibility of evaluating your academic or professional performance. When you apply for the graduate program, the reference requests will be sent via email to your reference providers.
VII. Current resume or vita
VIII. Statement of professional goals for school administration
IX. Complete  and pass the Department Essay.
X. Complete the Disposition form.
XI. ESU faculty approval utilizing the Graduate Admissions Rating Form

In addition, the applicant must have completed a total of 60 graduate credits, above the baccalaureate degree, at the time of certification.