Educational Administration Building-Level Certification Program

Emporia State University’s Building-Level Certification program for educational administration is a 35 hour licensure program. Classes are available online during the spring, fall, and summer semester. Practicum is online during the fall and spring semesters.



Unless previous graduate credit has been approved and/or specific courses waived, courses required for the Building-Level Certification program are:

ED 750      Technological Applications in School Leadership                1 credit hours

EA 811      Supervision and Evaluation                                             3 credit hours

EA 885      Human Relations and Group Processes in Education           2 credit hours

EA 830      School Leadership Theory                                               3 credit hours

EA 849      Educational Law and Regulations                                     3 credit hours

EA 888      School Systems Management                                         3 credit hours

ER 752      Analysis of Research                                                     3 credit hours

ED 820     Curriculum Leadership: Models & Strategies                      3 credit hours

ED 833     Beliefs, Values & Issues in Educational Practices                3 credit hours

EA 773     Advanced Educational Psychology for Teachers & Admins.    3 credit hours

EA 896     *Practicum I in EA/Building Level Fall                                4 credit hours

EA 897     *Practicum II in EA/Building Level Spring                          4 credit hours

                                                                                    Total =  35 credit hours

               *All coursework is to be completed prior to the practicum.


Admission Requirements

Gaining admission to a graduate program in our department must be initiated by you through contact with the Graduate School, Campus Box 03, Emporia State University, 1 Kellogg Drive, Emporia, Kansas 66801-5414, (620) 341-5403; or by applying online at Graduate Admission Applications.

Upon completion of the application and fee to the graduate office you will be able to enroll in courses.

  • GPA of 3.0 on the last 60 hours of college course work for those completing a masters degree or 3.0 on the last 30 graduate hours from a previously completed masters program.
  • Copy of state issued teaching license.
  • Completion of either the MAT or GRE test.
  • Official transcripts of all college work.
  • Evidence of one year accredited experience in a certified position (three years in content area required for certification) verified by the supervising administrator on the Reference Form.
  • Two references from supervisors or individuals who have had the responsibility of evaluating your academic or professional performance.
  • Complete and pass the Department Essay.
  • Current Resume or Vita.
  • Statement of professional goals for school administration.
  • Complete the Disposition Form.


All items are due to the Graduate School via email ( by the end of the first term you enrolled.


What is the deadline for the application material? Go online (Apply Here) and complete the Graduate Office Application and pay the fee.  Then, you will be ready to enroll.  You have one semester to request and get all transcripts to the Graduate Office.  As for the rest of the items listed, you have one semester to complete and submit.  Submit all admission requirements via email to our Graduate School staff at

What is the deadline to take the GRE or MAT test?  You should complete the test within your first academic year.

Can I take the GRE or MAT test where I live?  Yes, call the nearest college and ask for the Test Assessment Center and sign up.  When you complete pre-test paperwork, you will be asked to put in a code for colleges you want the scores sent to.

When would I need to enroll in classes?  As stated above as soon as possible when enrollment opens.  We begin Spring enrollment mid-October. Summer enrollment is usually the second week of March and Fall is the fourth week of March.  Again, classes fill within one to three days of enrollment.

I am planning on taking 6 credit hours.  Is there a sequence that I must follow regarding the courses?or-Are some classes pre-requisites for another class? (Other than the internship classes.) No cohorts, no sequence.  The practicum is the last year of the program.  You can take classes as needed or available.