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School Leadership / Middle and Secondary Teacher Education

Degree Programs and Admission Requirements:

Curriculum and Instruction Masters Program - This program does not lead to licensure of any type.

Educational Administration Masters or Non-Degree - Building Licensure - This program, completed as a masters or non-degree, is for those wanting to receive Building Level Licensure, i.e. Principal, Assistant Principal etc.

Educational Administration Non-Degree - District Licensure - This program is for those wanting District Level Licensure, i.e. Superintendent, Special Education Director etc.

       Teacher Leader licensure requirements as defined by KSDE 91-1-203(b)(4) info note

Master of Education in Teaching -For more information go to Alternate Route Website

All programs lead to Kansas Licensure with the exception of Curriculum & Instruction Masters, but out of State Candidates must check with their respective State Licensing centers to verify their state requirements.

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