Emporia State University Teacher/Specialist/Leadership Licensing

Licensing in any state can be confusing, including in Kansas!  The Emporia State University Licensure Officer has provided information here to help guide you through the process and assist you in understanding what you need. Most information for licensing comes from the Regulations and Standards for Kansas Educators from the Kansas State Department of Education website.

Contact the ESU Licensure Officer, Andra Baldwin, when you need assistance or just have questions!  She can be reached by phone at 620-341-5412 or by email at abaldwin@emporia.edu.

Please check these pages periodically for new information that may have occurred due to state licensing changes or ESU program changes.

Important information regarding Praxis testing and School Leadership testing as required by ESU and/or the Kansas State Dept. of Education (KSDE)!

       To find out which test you must take for your ESU teaching or school specialist program:  www.ets.org/praxis/ks

       To find out which test you must take for your ESU School Leadership program:  www.ets.org/sls/ks

The above websites are maintained by ETS in cooperation with KSDE.  If you are unsure of which test is required for your degree and/or Kansas license, you are always welcome to contact the ESU Licensure officer.


ESU STUDENT TEACHERS-- check your degree evaluation by signing into your Buzz In! 

  • Go to the Academic life tab
  • Click "Student Records" in the Student Self Service Links Box
  • Click "Degree Evaluation"
  • Click Submit. There is no need to change the term listed
  • At the bottom of the screen, click "Generate New Evaluation"
  • Click the radial button(s) next to your degree(s)
  • Click Generate Request. It may take a moment or two
  • Click the radial button next to "Detail Requirements"
  • Click Submit

*Please note this includes the classes you are enrolled in for the next semester, too (if you are).  The total number of hours showing includes these hours.

*The Degree Evaluation is broken up into sections much like a General Education requirement sheet.  To find out what else might be needed to complete each area contact your Advisor with questions.

*Make sure you will complete all degree requirements AND pass your Praxis tests for your graduation as well as for your license requirements!  ESU cannot recommend for a one-year nonrenewable license because the Praxis tests are part of your approved program!  Be prepared when interviewing for jobs that you know this!

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Please note KSDE has moved!  They are now located at:

Teacher Licensure and Accreditation
Landon State Office Building
900 SW Jackson, Suite 106
Topeka, KS 66612

The menu below is a guideline for the type of information to be found in the Licensure section.  Please bear with us as we create these pages!  If something does not appear and you have questions regarding licensure, please do contact Andra Baldwin, ESU Licensure Officer at abaldwin@emporia.edu

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