Types of activities being performed by tutors:

      Work with students on reading related to math.

      Help with understanding directions and problem solving.

      Provide small group and individual assistance.

      Help test for student progress in skills.

      Develop and present a complete lesson.

      Help read math and social studies assignments.

      Help with Writer’s Workshop.

      Prepare materials and administrate interactive bulletin board activities.

      Supervise the activities at centers.

      Develop activities and games for specific children.

      Tutor ELL students.

      Helps students stay on task.

      Tutor “at risk” students in reading and math.

      Help test vocabulary words from assigned readings.

      Supervise small literature group reading.

      Work with students individually assisting with comprehension and vocabulary skills.

      Help students assess their work.

      Monitor language activities with a special needs student.

      Improve reading skills by tutoring and guiding.

      Help a variety of students re-do work they have had difficulty with.

      Supervise a select group to play review games.

      Help with math and reading corrections.

      One-on-one assistance with special needs students.

      Help with testings for progress reports.

      Work one-on-one in alphabet and number skills.

      Supervise computer learning games.

      Practice letters and sounds

      Read with and to the children.

      Tutor individual students during Center Time.

      Will assist with “hands on” activities.

      Help students with writing exercises.

      Math activities and games for remedial group.

      Help those who have math corrections.

      Help with the re-teaching of math concepts.

      Give reading tests to individual students.

      Use flash cards to practice sight words.

      Help with grammar corrections and English study skills.

      Help with basic math facts.

      Help students with assignments that require reading.

      Help test students in specific concepts.

      Give extra read aloud time to low reading ability students.

      Re-test for spelling words.

      Work with a student on phonemic awareness.

      Assist students to keep organized and monitor progress.

      Provide mini-lessons for further instruction.