Standard 5: Faculty Qualifications, Performance, and Development

1. Data table on faculty qualifications

Table 5A. Professional Education Faculty Teaching Credentials

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
School of Business
School of Library and Information Management
The Teachers College


Table 5B. Professional Education Faculty Qualifications

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
School of Business
School of Library and Information Management
The Teachers College

2. Licensure information on school faculty (e.g., cooperating teachers, internship supervisors)

All mentor and cooperating teachers and practicum/internship supervisors are licensed by the Kansas State Department of Education (or by in the area corresponding to the teaching field of the student(s) they are supervising.  In addition, these teachers have at least three years of experience. 

3. Sample of faculty scholarly activities

The Teachers College Scholarly Activity Data Table

Table 5C. Samples of Professional Education Faculty Scholarly Products

Library Leadership

Websites and Educators

Solar System in the Hallway

Activities for Secondary Social Studies

Data-Driven Decision Making

Employment and School Accountability

Educational Psychology Test Bank

Riddle of Smart Machines

Online Education and Adult Learning

Globalization of Instruction

Community and Online Learners

Teaching Elementary Mathematics

The Joys of Young Adult Literature

Flash Fitness and PE Standards

Undergraduate Psychology Education

Girls, Gifted

Working with Student Teachers

Supporting Quality Staff Development

The True Story of Narrative Text

Neonatal Holding Environment

Plagiarism and Correct Science Citation

Heirlooms in the Classroom

Clients and Counselor Training

Essential Spanish Phrases for Teachers

TESOL Professional Development

Preventing Cyber Bullying

National Review of Clinical Experience

Service Learning and College Fitness

The Value of Business Education


4. Summary of service and collaborative activities engaged in by faculty with the professional community (e.g., grants, evaluations, task force participation, provision of professional development, offering courses, etc.)

Table 5D. Professional Education Faculty Service and P-12 Collaboration

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
School of Business
School of Library and Information Management
The Teachers College

5. Promotion and tenure policies and procedures

Emporia State University Policies and Procedures for Promotion

Emporia State University Policies and Procedures for Tenure

The Teachers College Promotion and Tenure Guidelines

6. Samples of forms used in faculty evaluation

Student Evaluation of Teaching
     The Teachers College
     College of Liberal Arts
         Department of Communication and Theatre
         Department of English, Modern Languages, and Journalism
         Department of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Economics
         Departments of Physical Sciences
      School of Business
      School of Libary and Information Management Form 1 and Form 2

Merit Evaluation Form for Salary, Promotion, and Tenure
    Department of Early Childhood/Elementary Teacher Education
    Department of Instructional Design and Technology
    Department of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation
    Department of Psychology, Art Therapy, Rehabilitation, and Mental Health Counseling
    Department of School Leadership/Middle and Secondary Teacher Education
    Department of Special Education and School Counseling
    School of Business
    School of Library and Information Management

7. Opportunities for professional development activities provided by the unit

Title II Conference

eLearning Institute

Summer 2009

57 participants, Program

Fall 2010-Spring 2011

180 participants, Program

Summer 2008

57 participants, Program

Summer 2010

69 participants, Program

Session Descriptions


Jones Distinguished Professors

Jones Distinguished Lecture Series
      Rainier Martens, March 10, 2009
      Joyce VanTassel-Baska, October 12, 2010
      Yong Zhao, February 23, 2011 and Lecture

Annual New Faculty Mentoring Program

Preparing The Teachers College for the Technology of Tomorrow's Students

Preparing Candidates to Teach Online: Session 1   Session 2

Professional Development Activities Sponsored by Departments

Kansas Master Teacher Award, 2010 Program, and 2011 Master Teacher Seminar (advance to the 5:23 mark when the seminar begins)

Kansas Teacher of the Year Campus Visit
       2010 Visit in Visser Hall 330 and the KTOY Team members
       2011 Visit in Visser Hall 330 and the KTOY Team members

Great Plains Center for National Teacher Certification

Co-sponsored Erin Gruwell, "Freedom Writers" creator

From Surviving to Thriving: Empowering the Early Career Teacher

Table 5E. Jones Institute of Educational Exellence Professional Development Sessions

Administrators Reading Recovery Workshop Classroom Assessment SODA Autism Workshop
Multi-Tier System of Support Training PREPaRE Crisis Response Multiple Pathways of Learning
Kansas Migrant and ELL Academy Daily Five Literacy Model AVID Summer Institute
Culturally Responsive Teaching DIBELS Next The Children We Leave Behind
Authentic Assessment for Reading Instruction Differentiation Strategies AYP and Analyzing Data


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