Kansas Master Teacher Award

Criteria for the nomination portfolio is being reviewed and revised. New criteria will be made available in early September 2017.


Award Nomination Information

DEADLINE: Tuesday, January 31, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. (CST)

Thank you for your nomination!  Our system is ready for submissions, but we realize technology issues may arise. Please contact us if you require assistance or have questions.  

The submission process will be open until Tuesday, January 31, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. (CST).  Following that time, we will review the files and send out notices of confirmation or requests for additional information. If you have not received confirmation that we have received your information by February 2, 2017, please contact us at leusey@emporia.edu.

Please Note

The award committee attempts to send reminders about this award through e-mail and hard copy mailings generated from the Kansas State Department of Education website contact list. To ensure reminders reach you, please keep your directory information updated with KSDE and be sure all individuals interested in the Kansas Master Teacher mailings add leusey@emporia.edu to their e-mail address books. We suggest  individuals in charge of the local selection process should bookmark the Kansas Master Teacher web site and check it following the award ceremony each year. Upcoming application processes and dates will be available at this time. Thank you for assisting us with our efforts to keep you informed.

Lucie Eusey
email: leusey@emporia.edu
Office: 620-341-5830
Dean's Office: 620-341-5367

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Nominees should be teachers who have taught or served in an instructional leadership role for at least five years in any Kansas P-12 or higher education schools.

  2. Nomination forms may be prepared by the nominee, a school or district committee, an assigned school representative, a professional organization, a parent, or other individual or organization that would like to nominate a teacher.

  3. The Master Teacher nominee should exemplify teaching and/or administrative effectiveness, constructive service in the community, zeal in promoting the advancement of education, and a sincere interest in professional organizations.

  4. The Code of Ethics of the Education Professional adopted by the National Education Association shall serve as a guideline by which the attitude and competency of the master teacher should be appraised. The principles pronounced in the Code of Ethics are stated below.

  5. Because nominations can come from a variety of sources, more than one individual may be nominated from a school or district; however, only one person from a district will be selected as a Master Teacher.

Click here to read the Code of Ethics of the Education Profession

Award Nomination Form and Portfolio Application Process

To apply for the Kansas Master Teacher Award, the nominee will prepare and submit an electronic portfolio as described below in the application process.

We are moving to a fully electronic submission and selection process. You may still assemble much of your notebook as before, scan and convert to a PDF file; or you may assemble the notebook electronically, using any word processing or publishing program, and convert the final document to a PDF file.


Step 1 – Electronic Nomination Information Form

 *Note: This form will be added to the nomination submission by ESU and included in the review materials.


Step 2 – Electronic Photo

Obtain a professional-quality digital file of a high-resolution 8x10 portrait (300 ppi). Personally scanned photos are discouraged as the image may be distorted in the scan.

*Note: For the selected Master Teacher, this image will be used for all publicity surrounding the award announcements and events (press releases, web site, hall displays, and programs). Please take appropriate steps to provide a high quality photo.

The picture file will need to be:

a) submitted within the body of the Nomination Portfolio described below

b) submitted as a separate attachment when you complete and submit the Master Teacher Portfolio Form at the bottom of this page.


Step 3 – Electronic Nomination Portfolio

Criteria for the nomination portfolio is being reviewed and revised. New criteria will be made available in early September.


Step 4 – Verifying Signatures

  1. Print and gather signatures on the Verification Form. (Requires Adobe Reader) Please be sure all those signing know of your nomination.
  2. Scan the signed form.


Step 5 – Nomination Portfolio Check

  1. Have you adhered to the requirements for submission?
  2. Are all evidences within the required number of pages/letters?
  3. Has your document been converted to a single document in PDF format?
  4. Have you obtained your digital professional-quality photo and verifying signatures?
  5. Is your Verification Form signed and scanned?


Step 6 – Final Electronic Submission Via Email   

1. Prepare the following items:

  • Nomination Portfolio (PDF file, as described above)
  • Digital 8x10 High Resolution Photo
  • Signed Verification For

2. Complete and submit the Master Teacher Portfolio Form