Department of Health, Physical Education, Recreation (HPER) Directory

PE - Health, Physical Education, Recreation Building
VH - Visser Hall

Name Email Office 620-341-xxxx
Shawna Shane, Department Chair and Associate Professor email PE 219 5848
Diane Mangus, Administrative Specialist email PE 219 5926
Michael Butler, Associate Professor email PE 218V 5947
Matthew Howe, Associate Professor email PE 218D 5499
Sunnin Keosybounheuang, Instructor email PE 218I 5569
Clinton Longacre, Associate Professor email PE 218Q 5935
Paul Luebbers, Professor email PE 218M 5653
Katie Mathews, Instructor email PE 218B1 5940
Joella Mehrhof, Professor email PE 218M 5946
Daphne Mertens email PE 218B1 5945
Sally Miller, Instructor email PE 219B 5926
Kenneth Murfay, Instructor email PE 218B2 5928
Nilo Ramos, Assistant Professor email PE 218BB 6127
Mark Stanbrough, Professor email PE 218T 5399
Jennifer Thomas, Associate Professor email PE 218M 6160
Amy Townsend, Clinical Instructor email PE 218BB 5934
Emily Witte, Instructor email PE 219 5926
Vicki Worrell, Professor email PE 218R 5993