Hornet Connected Learning

Welcome to Hornet Connected Learning
Teacher candidates learn how to use a tablet as an instructive tool
Emporia State faculty are specially trained in how to use tablets in the classroom

Frequently Asked Questions

›  What is Hornet Connected Learning?

›  Do I need to get a tablet? If so, what kind?

›  What if I already have an iPad or another tablet?

›  What are the reasons an iPad was selected over other tablets?

›  What can I expect to gain from the Hornet Connected Learning Initiative?

›  What are other financial considerations?

›  Will I still need a computer or laptop?

›  What will this mean for my purchase of textbooks?

›  When and how does a student begin with Hornet Connected Learning?

›  What types of support will be available to help me learn how to use the iPad for my coursework?

›  Where and when will I be able to get more information?