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Faculty & Staff

  Shannon Hall began serving as the Office of Field Placement, Licensure and Alternate Route Director in August 2014. She was ESU’s licensure officer for almost eight years before becoming the director.  As director, she is involved with placing students for student teaching, practicum placements, and other field experiences. She works closely with the university supervisors and planning student teacher meetings. She also directs the Alternate Route program and works with hiring school officials to coordinate with an individual who meets the state regulations for a Restricted Teaching/School Specialist License to complete a teacher education program in this manner. She can be contacted by phone at 620-341-5447, or by e-mail
  Cheryl Protheroe is the Administrative Specialist in Field Placement and Licensure.  She served in this position since 1993. Cheryl assists with student teaching placements, arranges practicum placements, and manages funding and payments to cooperating teachers and students as appropriate. She is also responsible for communication with university supervisors and for planning student teacher meetings. Please contact her by phone 620-341-5447, or by e-mail
  Andra Baldwin is excited to have been given the opportunity to serve ESU in the role as Licensure Officer beginning in October 2014.  Her main function is as a liaison between the Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE) and the educators that complete licensure programs at ESU (for teaching, school specialist licenses, as well as building and district administration licenses). She provides direction and instructions for those interested in applying for licenses or endorsements, but is also tasked with interpreting various KSDE regulations and making them accessible to educators, students, faculty & staff. Additionally, she welcomes questions regarding PRAXIS and School Leadership Series (SLS) tests. Please contact her by phone at 620-341-5412 or by e-mail