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Elementary Education Program

Professional Development School

Emporia State University’s elementary Professional Development School program is a 100% field-based, year-long clinical internship experience which is required of all elementary education candidates.

Spring 2015 Professional Development School Manual
(EE 320 Block 2 Procedures Book)


Mentor Teacher Training

This training program has been designed to provide prospective mentor teachers with an overview of Emporia State's Elementary Education program and the Professional Development School program. As you complete the training tasks, you will also have opportunities to practice supervision skills you will be using as you work with your Professional Development School interns. Since Fall 2007, elementary PDS interns have only been placed with teachers who have successfully completed the mentor teacher training.


Mentor Teaching Training - Task 1

Mentor Teaching Training - Task 2
Role of the Mentor Teacher (Powerpoint)

Mentor Teaching Training - Task 3
Mentor Teaching Training - Task 4
Mentor Teaching Training - Task 5
Teacher Work Sample (Powerpoint)
Mentor Teaching Training - Task 6
Mentor Teaching Training - Task 7


Additional Resources

Additional Resources for Supervising PDS Interns