Department of
Elementary Education / Early Childhood / Special Education

Elementary Education Advising Center

Guides & Forms

Elementary Program Guide
List of all required courses and program admission/graduation requirements. This is formatted as a pamphlet (the first page is the inside page of the pamphlet and the second page is the last and first page of the printed pamphlet).

100 Hours of Supervised Service Work Experience
Use to document your 100 hours of supervised service work experience with children or youth. Required for Block 1 admission.

Core GPA Calculator
Use this excel document to calculate your Core General Education GPA. The formulas are set up for you; all you need to do is enter your grade, grade points, and credit hours for the class. Must be a 2.75 or better for admissions to Block 1.

Long-Range Plan (LRP)
Your advisor will use this form to plan your semesters. You can use this to plan ahead or to do "what if" analysis. If you change your LRP, please consult your advisor.

Block 1 Application
This is the instruction sheet for completing your Block 1 application.