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The Center for Innovative School Leadership (CISL) was created by the Kansas State Legislature in 2004. The Center will conduct efficiency reviews of individual school districts, helping them realize greater efficiencies and identifying good practices that can be shared with other school districts. The goal is to identify administrative savings that can be gained through best protocols in school district leadership, human resources, facilities management, and teaching and learning. This will allow districts to put savings back into the classroom for a greater investment in our children.


Specific duties

  1. You have been given the general information we will be looking at for each protocol.
  2. You will be given numerous documents from the school district to review.
    - These documents should give some insight for you to make decisions about the school district's effectiveness in various areas.
    - If you need additional documents, please contact the director of CISL and he will attempt to get them for you.
  3. During your review of the information, you should document questions you might have for the district.
  4. The director of CISL will schedule a 1-2 day on-site visit to the school district.
    - The director of CISL will select the people to be interviewed.
    - During the on-site visit, you will conduct interviews with these selected people.

  5. After the on-site visit has been conducted, you will be responsible for submitting your findings (format included) to the CISL director.
    - Due to time constraints, you will not be able to report everything. Please submit the areas in which you believe will make the biggest impact.
    - The total time spent on this project will vary from person to person. It is generally expected a person will spend 50-60 hours, including the on-site visit, to complete this project.
  6. The general timeframe is broken down by hours in the following categories:

    - Review of documents: 20-25 hrs
    - On-site visit: 10-15 hrs (including travel)
    - Writing final report: 15-20 hrs

  7. CISL’s responsibility is not to give the school district specific people or companies to contact for further help; our job will be to report the findings as we see them.

  8. The written report will be in four general areas:
    - What were the facts and findings you heard and saw demonstrated about the school districts?
    - What commendations would you give to the district?
    - What opportunities for improvement (OFI) did you see that might help the school district be more efficient and/or effective?
    - What fiscal impact would be associated with each OFI? (Would the OFI save or cost money?)