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Teaching and Learning Protocol

Above all else, school districts must provide high quality educational services. Having adequate processes in place to identify student educational needs, providing for those needs, and measuring performance as a result of these programs represents the most vital mission for every school district.

Documents you will receive (if available):

  • Staff development activities per building

  • Curriculum review process

  • Technology 3-5-year plans

  • Cost of instructional materials-including textbooks

  • Copy of course evaluations in last 3 years.

  • Pertinent data on student learning with peer and region groups

  • Technology budget

  • List of all computers in schools

  • List of all technology in schools

  • Documentation on new teacher training

  • School and district report card from state (on state website)

  • Special education organizational chart

  • List of dual credit courses

  • Vocational course offerings

  • Information on how stipends are determined

  • School improvement plans for each building

  • Extracurricular handbook and policies

  • List of all staff by position and building

  • Master course schedule by building

  • Job description of technology personnel

  • List of in-service activities for classified staff

  • Cost of in-service activities

  • Substitute teacher procedure

Activities team member will perform (CISL will provide data when appropriate):

  • Determine vocation courses offered

  • Determine dual credits and/or advanced placement opportunities

  • Compare teacher-pupil ratio for core classes, compare to peer group, region, state if possible

  • Compare teacher-pupil ratio for all classes, compare to peer group, region, state

  • Develop list of classified in-service for year by category

  • Examine curriculum guides

  • Document process for implementation of new programs

  • Develop comparative data of peer schools showing test data and other pertinent information

  • Compile list of technology other than computers in district showing strengths -weaknesses

  • Compare school improvement plan and staff development activities

  • List number of students in vocational classes

  • Develop computer to student ratio

  • Interview selected staff to determine process on substitute teacher selection, recruitment, etc.

Questions to ask or duties to consider during interview process:

  • What are you doing to support classified staff training?

  • Is there a correlation between updated curriculum and student performance success?

  • What evidence do you have that the technology staff are helping with the learning process?

  • What process is used to determine whether teachers and administrators are using district curriculum guides?

  • What evidence do you use to determine the effectiveness of your extracurricular offerings?

  • Who is responsible for writing grants for technology, other areas?

  • What have been best - worst staff development activities and what people have been best –worst?

  • What special groups of students are growing-declining?

  • What special issues do these groups present?

  • What evidence do you have that building administrators are monitoring the teaching and learning process?

  • How does the district identify at-risk students?

  • What programs are in place to help at-risk students?

  • What procedure does the district have to track students who have dropped out of school?

  • How does the district track success of vocational programs?

  • Are changes in participation in extracurricular activities tracked and monitored?

  • Are decisions to bring in new programs or discontinue existing programs made based upon quantifiable data?

  • What trends in student performance have developed over the last five years?

  • Does the district have distance learning? If so, how is it used?

  • How are staff development needs identified?

  • Do you have formal training for substitute staff?

These documents, activities, and questions are only a starting point. Team members may ask additional questions, request further documents, and perform added activities.