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Leadership Protocol

A district’s structure, staff management and planning process provide the foundation for effective and efficient education of students. The board and superintendent function as a leadership team to meet students' needs. The board sets goals, objectives and policies for school district operations and approves the plans and funding. The superintendent manages district operations and recommends the staffing levels and amount of resources necessary to carry out the board goals and directives developed through the planning process. The building level leadership ensures all board policies, goals, and objectives are carried out. The building level leader is the difference in average and outstanding schools.

Documents you will receive (if available):

  • Board minutes for the past 2 years

  • Board packet for last 3 months

  • Board annual goals

  • Board self-evaluation documents

  • Board training for new members

  • Job description for administrators

  • Administrative handbook

  • Other handbooks that would be appropriate

  • Strategic plan or long range plan

  • Pertinent audit reports

  • Board training information for current members

  • Evaluations and job targets for administrators

Activities team member will perform (CISL will provide data when appropriate):

  • Find out effectiveness and procedures of site councils

  • Discuss district long range plan to determine effectiveness

  • Compare administrative salaries and benefits to peer group, region, and state

  • Compare administrative ratio vs. peer group, region, state

  • Compare an administrative evaluation with their job targets to determine congruency.

  • Interview staff to determine if job description fits role and responsibility

  • Prepare a list of standard items in board packets and note any items that might be missing from examined packets

  • Interview site council members

  • Attend at least one board meeting

  • Document service contracts, compare cost to industry standard

Questions to ask or duties to consider during interview process:

  • What type of curriculum training has central office staff and board had in the last 3 years?

  • How often does the superintendent communicate with the board of education and by what method?

  • How does the board ensure that the district resources reflect student learning?

  • How often are student and employee handbooks updated?

  • How are people informed about changes in handbooks, and board policy changes?

  • How are decisions made to out source services?

  • What type of training is conducted for administrators in appropriate supervision of staff?

  • When and how are board packets delivered?

  • How and how often does the district solicit feedback from the public staff?

  • How are district programs reviewed and how often?

  • How often are board policies updated?

  • If you needed to get something done, who would you go to in order to make sure your objective was considered and accomplished?

  • Do you have a plan for leadership succession?

These documents, activities, and questions are only a starting point. Team members may ask additional questions, request further documents, and perform added activities.