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Human Resources Protocol

Elementary and secondary education is labor-intensive. To be effective and efficient, school districts must hire the right number of employees with the correct qualifications and credentials to fill each position in the district. Further, employees must be adequately compensated, given opportunities for training and must have access to benefits and services.

The terms “personnel” and “human resources” are often used interchangeably. Personnel management was historically limited to the performance of administrative processes and procedures such as hiring and maintaining employee records. Today, personnel functions have evolved into a broader category of services that are provided under a wide variety of complex employment laws.

Documents you will receive (if available):

  • Job descriptions of all staff

  • Forms given to all new employees

  • List of all staff and longevity

  • Procedure for job interviews

  • Procedure for job postings

  • Salary structure for all staff, including supplemental pay

  • Extended day contracts

  • Supplemental contracts

  • HR manual

  • Employee handbooks

  • All forms given out by HR

  • Exit interview form

  • Evaluation instruments all staff

  • Benefits packages

  • Newsletters, etc.

  • Written recruitment plan

  • Overtime expenses

  • All insurance costs

  • Merit pay procedures for staff

  • Number of substitutes per building, per year and costs

  • New employee orientation

Activities team member will perform (CISL will provide data when appropriate):

  • Look at all evaluation forms and determine evaluation procedures

  • Look at application forms for legal compliance, etc…

  • Look at interview forms for all hires and determine if there is a procedure for the district

  • Compare district salary structure of all groups with peer group, region, state if possible

  • Get district salary schedules for all groups

  • Compare new employee forms with legal compliance and clarity

  • Compare job interview procedure to cycle of time

  • Chart overtime spent and cost

  • Chart extended day contracts

  • Interview selected people to determine work performed vs. job description

  • Interview selected staff to determine process for substitute teacher selection, recruitment, etc.

  • Find out their new hire orientation procedure

  • Discuss all insurance issues and determine costs

Questions to ask or duties to consider during interview process:

  • How and how often are job descriptions updated?

  • Who performs HR duties?

  • Who is responsible for payroll and benefits?

  • How does HR know it is meeting people’s needs?

  • Are there long standing practices not in writing administered by HR? If so how are communicated to staff?

  • What types of information is stored electronically?

  • How has district handled hard to fill positions?

  • What are districts procedures for checking references?

  • Does district have a strategy for future salary compensation for staff?

  • How does district ensure that extra days were worked?

  • How are contract renewals handled?

  • How has less than satisfactory worked performed been managed prior to termination, etc.?

  • Do you have an exit interview process?

  • Do you have a procedure for updating the district handbook?

  • Is there a recruitment website?

  • Are job descriptions reviewed and updated? How often?

These documents, activities, and questions are only a starting point. Team members may ask additional questions, request further documents, and perform added activities.