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Facilities Management Protocol

Facilities management is a significant activity in most districts. Active management of maintenance projects and procedures can provide cost control, ensure quality of workmanship, and help ensure timely completion and facility operations. Facilities also must be maintained and cleaned on a routine basis to ensure a safe and healthy environment for students, teachers, and staff.

Documents you will receive (if available):

  • Job descriptions of maintenance, custodial personnel

  • Maintenance budget information

  • Facility improvement completed in last 5 years

  • Facility improvements planned for next 5 years

  • Enrollment projections for next 5 years

  • Safety plans

  • 5 year history of maintenance spending

  • List of hardware and software used by maintenance

  • Customer satisfaction survey

  • Custodial assignments, work shifts, etc.

  • Evaluation instrument of custodians

  • Policies on energy use management

  • List of energy projects the last 5 years

  • Utility bills last 2 years

  • List of service contracts

  • Work order procedure

  • Energy management audit

  • Preventative maintenance program

  • Inventory system

  • Policy on replacement schedule of equipment and vehicles

  • Square footage of all buildings

Activities team member will perform:

  • Compare maintenance spending vs. industry standard

  • Determine who performs maintenance on HVAC units.

  • Compare job descriptions with actual work performed

  • Compare industry standards on custodial duties with district’s expectations

  • Compare evaluation instrument used vs. other industry standard instruments

  • Examine utility bills vs. industry standard

  • Examine work order system

  • Examine inventory system

  • Compare the number of custodians per building vs. square footage of building vs. industry standard

  • Document service contracts, compare cost to industry standard

  • Shadow actual work performed

  • Walk though to inspect building for cleanliness

Questions to ask or duties to consider during interview process:

  • What is the method of communication?

  • What authority to do have?

  • Do you know the education goals of the district?

  • Does the district have procedures on vehicle, equipment, maintenance usage and replacement?

  • What formal or informal documentation exists to guide day-to-day operations?

  • How is an analysis of facilities aligned with promoting academic performance?

  • Is there cross training?

  • Who do you report to?

  • What training do you receive and how often?

  • How do you determine the number of custodians needed per building?

  • How does the district encourage energy conservation?

  • Do you have systems in place to track work orders?

  • How do you let people know about the progress of work orders?

  • If no inventory systems exist, how do you keep track of equipment, etc…?

These documents, activities, and questions are only a starting point. Team members may ask additional questions, request further documents, and perform added activities.