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Team Composition:

  1. A group of 3-5 people will be selected as on-site team members for each school district.

  2. The director of CISL will serve as the chairman for each team.

  3. Team members, as much as possible, will be selected from the general geographic location as the school district being reviewed.

  4. Team members will be selected on their expertise of the protocol they will examine (each team member will have only one area), willingness to serve, and interest in the process.


Team Member General Duties:

Two to three days on-site would be required.

  1. It could take 50-60 hours of additional time for reviewing and reporting for each team member to fully implement the efficiency process.

  2. Each team member would be expected to interview various staff on-site or through a survey process to better understand the school district.
  3. Each team member will be expected to file a written report of their findings to the director within a specified amount of time.



Each team member will receive an honorarium which will include expenses. Additional compensation could occur for unforeseen expenses.