Center for Innovative School Leadership

Center for Innovative School Leadership wordmarkSampling of CISL Findings

The Center for Innovative School Leadership has offered numerous fiscal and efficiency recommendations to the reviewed school districts. The following list provides a brief selection of improvements suggested by team members.

View a list of school districts who have had effectiveness and efficiency school reviews done by CISL.

  • Eliminate a teaching position.

  • Eliminate outside vendors and have staff change HVAC filters.

  • Put controls on thermostats to reduce energy costs.

  • Implement a work order system.

  • Offer additional development opportunities for custodial staff.

  • Provide improved and consistent job descriptions for all staff.

  • Write an employee handbook.

  • Conduct annual employee reviews.

  • Review site council procedures and emphasize the council’s importance.

  • Develop strategies for improving district communication.

  • Utilize the classroom observation tool that principals were trained to implement.

  • Create a director of maintenance.

  • Make job applications available in English and Spanish.

  • Review the problem of paying overtime; money could be saved or used to hire additional staff.

  • Improve organization of Board and administration meetings to reduce wasted time.

  • Provide kindergarten screening.

  • Pursue additional dual credit programs through local community colleges.

  • Provide training for newly hired staff.

  • Eliminate a school building.

  • Review math intervention programs for students at risk.

  • Add custodial staff positions.

  • Review health insurance coverage and consider eliminating certain benefits.

  • Develop a long term strategic plan.

  • Include student achievement in all personnel evaluations.

  • Increase the frequency of classroom visits by principals.

  • Evaluate all classified staff annually.

  • Compare the administrative staff ratio to state and region averages.

  • Examine internal forms of communication.

  • Base special education IEP’s upon state standards.

  • Review utilization of standardized test data within school district.

  • Create district wide mentoring program.

  • Review and implement regular boiler maintenance.

Analyze high energy costs for buildings and compare to industry standards.

The above list does not include specific monetary savings since there are numerous variables when calculating these factors. Efficiency and effectiveness are not always about dollar amounts. The process is about schools thinking differently about operations. It is about keeping schools free of legal issues. It is about better organization and communication.