Mission & Philosophy

At the Emporia State University Center for Early Childhood Education, we welcome all children and their families.  We strive to provide a healthy, safe, nurturing, and inclusive environment that encourages young children's natural growth and development.  Our early childhood program is designed to foster each child's social-emotional, cognitive, language, and motor development through child-centered activities that are developmentally appropriate.

We believe early childhood education should excite curiosity, stimulate creativity, encourage the development of problem-solving skills, create and expand cognitive, language, and motor skills, and help each child to better understand himself/herself and the world in which he/she lives.  Early childhood education "happens" everywhere!  Spontaneous learning takes place through guided play and through interaction with others.  Children learn how to live harmoniously with adults and with their peers while also learning how to become more independent and self-reliant.

We understand and respect that families are the primary decision-makers for their children.  We encourage parents to visit with their child's teacher about classroom daily schedules, planned activities, their child's special needs, their goals for their child's early childhood education and care, etc.   We also encourage parents to share their talents and interests and take an active role in their child’s classroom whenever possible!  We strive to work with families to provide consistent learning experiences between home and the CECE.

Based on research which vigorously supports the value of nurturing touch, this program will provide a warm, nurturing atmosphere in which children will be hugged, held, and supported when needed.  We are confident in the professionalism of our staff and will not withhold this very important part of child care.