Community Counseling Services

Entrance to Community Counseling Services 



Community Counseling Services (CCS) provides affordable counseling for individuals, couples, families, and groups in a professional, quiet, and confidential setting for residents of Emporia and surrounding communities. Services are provided by advanced graduate students in training under the supervision of experienced faculty with counseling, research, and supervisory expertise.

Counseling Services Offered

CCS offers a variety of counseling services to assist individuals in improving the quality of their lives. Individual, couple, family, and group counseling is available. Some of the counseling services offered are:

Anger Management Anxiety / Stress
Behavior Problems Blended Family Issues
Career / Work-Related Issues Depression
Divorce Grief and Loss
Parenting Issues Personal Growth
Phobias Relationship Conflicts
Self-Esteem Issues Sexual Orientation Issues

When appropriate, referrals to other mental health providers are made. Such referrals are routinely made for clients in crisis, or those with active psychosis. No emergency-type services are provided.


Scheduling an Appointment

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, please call 620-341-5799. After gathering preliminary information, an appointment can usually be scheduled within a few days.

It is important for individuals desiring services to arrive on time for scheduled appointments in order to continue seeing a Community Counseling Services counselor. If an appointment needs to be cancelled, please notify CCS within 24 hours before the scheduled appointment at 620-341-5799.


Group Counseling Opportunities


HOPE Group - For individuals living with an acquired brain injury (i.e. head injury, trauma, or stroke) and those who experience similar neurological challenges.


Parenting Group - For individuals wanting to learn skills that make life with children easier and more satisfying. Join our workshop series entitled, "Active Parenting Now." This 6-week group will give you practical and effective methods of communication with children that will make your relationship with children of all ages less stressful and more rewarding.


Physical Address:

Community Counseling Services (not on the ESU main campus)
Earl Center, Rm # 236
1601 State Street
Emporia, KS

The Earl Center, the office building that hosts Community Counseling Services, is located off of State Street across from Hammond Park. The two story, brick building houses Community Counseling Services  in the Department of Counselor Education on the top level and the Jones Institute for Educational Excellence on the bottom level.

Parking is free of charge and available in the parking lot surrounding The Earl Center.


Mailing Address:

Contact Information:

Community Counseling Services
Emporia State University
1 Kellogg Circle
Campus Box 4036
Emporia, KS 66801
Dr. Jon Sward


Fall & Spring Semester Hours: Summer Hours:
Mon: 1 - 9 pm
Tues: 1 - 9 pm
Wed: 1 - 9 pm
Thurs: 1 - 7 pm
Fri: Closed
Mon: 12 - 6 pm
Tues: 12 - 6pm
Wed: 12 - 6pm
Thurs: 12 - 6pm
Fri: Closed


The mission of CCS is to provide supervised counseling opportunities for advanced graduate students, and affordable and confidential counseling to residents of Emporia and surrounding communities.



Counselor Qualifications

CCS provides practical experiences for advanced graduate students in training through Emporia State University.  All graduate students providing counseling services have completed appropriate graduate-level course work in their preparation for a master’s degree in counseling.  All counselors-in-training are supervised by licensed and experienced faculty with counseling, research, and supervisory expertise.



Training Facility & Confidentiality

Because CCS is a training facility, counselors are required to record all sessions and/or be observed electronically by a faculty supervisor. Strict confidentiality guidelines are followed for all client records, recordings, and communications. All client notes and recordings are kept in a locked file cabinet, which is accessible only to faculty and CCS staff. Counselors are not permitted to counsel individuals with whom they are personally acquainted, or to be involved in any observations or discussions of clients with whom they are personally acquainted. Student counselors are informed that any violation of confidentiality is grounds for removal from the program.


For Students / Candidates

Application for Practicum

All graduate students will be required to complete their practicum experience through CCS during the scheduled hours of operation. The department will attempt to schedule practicum classes to accommodate all students needing the experience in a given semester.


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