Kansas State Regulations for Licensure

Applicable to Restricted Teaching and Restricted School Specialist License

From KSDE 91-1-201. Type of licensure

(j) (1) Each restricted teaching license shall be valid for one school year from the date of issuance. A second restricted license is an option if the intern has an education class to take.

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From KSDE 91-1-202. Endorsements

(j) Endorsements available for the restricted teaching license shall be issued in the content area and valid only for the local education agency approved by the state board.

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From KSDE 91-1-203. Licensure requirements.

(h) Restricted teaching license.
(1) Each applicant for a restricted teaching license shall submit to the state board the following:

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Interns learning instructional strategies

Interns sharing ideas at a seminar